Strategist & Digital Nerd


I'm Adrian. Born in April 1990. Raised in a small town in Bavaria*. Currently living in Munich and working as a management consultant for digital strategy at Bloom Partners. Together with my twin brother, I am also the proud owner of Digital Native Studios (since 2008) – a small creative studio.

* Ja, ich spreche deutsch. Aber mal ehrlich, wir haben 2016.


Born digital.

I am driven by a simple mission: to help brands creating meaningful interactions with their customers. With more than 8 years of digital experience, I support companies to understand the opportunities digitization offers and to actively pursue these opportunities through customer-centered business models, products, and services.

I work at the intersection between business, IT, and customer behavior and I support operational integration processes with professional expertise and a human touch. My work is effective, integrative, and firmly grounded in strategic thinking.

Digital (marketing) strategies, data-driven marketing & innovation, smart data analytics, (agile) project management, integrated campaign management and profound implementation expertise for both digital and physical brand experiences

Want to know more about me?

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